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Our materials

As you already know about the women who make our products and our efforts to support them through education, we want to take a few steps back and show you how our products’ journey began. When Project Três started in 2016, the priority was to create new economic opportunities for our women...

Our prices

Our work allows women with limited education and experience to become financially stable, foster positive social networks, care for their children and improve their quality of life. In India, we call them our Ladies and in Kenya, they are Mamas. They are family to us. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. They are women coming from domestic violence, divorce, acid attacks, limited education, refugees, and housewives.

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Our impact

70% of the artisans in India have learned handcraft skills inside the Project, which allowed them to have a new source of income. The women who already had skills before joining us would charge at least 60% less than what they are paid now, for the same work...

Sustainability: What We Do

Project Três supports women artisans through education and skills-training in India and Kenya. We believe that providing education on fair trade and self-sustainability is the key to create new life-changing economic and social opportunities.

Sustainability: Text
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