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At Project Três, we are devoted to celebrating and amplifying the talent of our women artisans. We want to continue making a big impact for as long as we can, but we cannot do this without help from our partners, volunteers, and donors. There are a few ways besides purchasing our products that you can support our women's dreams.

Indian Expedition

Currently, we can provide monthly jobs to six women in our project, even though 93% of them would like full-time jobs with us. The reason is that we can’t employ more artisans if we don’t sell more of our products. That's why one of the new pillars of our work is to create more job opportunities within the Project, in addition to making products. Socially responsible tourism opened up a new range of possibilities for our women, giving them another source of income as well as increasing their confidence as individuals.
In partnership with Karibu, we created a volunteering program in India, inside our women center in Goa. One of the biggest challenges for organizations is to have specialized skills inside social impact areas, and that isn't different for us. Having the chance to count on the hands, ideas, and expertise of each traveler with the goal of bringing more sustainable practices and opportunities to our ladies, will directly impact their lives while using conscious tourism activities as a tool for our work.⁠


Would you like more than a vacation? Would you like to use your skills to amplify the artistry and craftwork of women in disadvantaged communities?⁠ Send us an email and we will get back to you with an Indian Expedition itinerary.

Cooking classes in Goa

The best Indian cuisines are homemade. With us, you'll be with local women in our project, located behind the hustle and bustle of Anjuna, in a small village community. Here you will discover local flavors, aromas, learn traditional food practices, about the Indian food culture, and ayurvedic properties of spices in a full five dish menu.

Project Três values responsible tourism activities, each cooking class contributes directly to the local community and women in the project. 

Book your class on Tripadvisor and join us on an unforgettable experience!

Volunteers sit on the floor during a cooking class in Goa, India

Retail Partnership

Take a stance and contribute to sustainable, fair trade fashion. Conscious consumerism is here to stay. Consumers want to know what their clothes are made of, where, by whom, and if done ethically.

Get on the right side of history and impact change. Join our community of medium to large brands around the globe as a Project Três retail partner. Choose from a selection of our products or get customisations to suit your brand.

Join us by emailing your interest at

Fabric with and-embroidered flowers and ornaments placed on the hands of a woman
Our Partners
Black and white image of James Obaigwa and a woman, crafting

James Obaigwa

"I love connections, I love meeting and working with new people/projects. It's been over 1 year working with the mamas at Project Três, empowering women by teaching them to paint and design soapstone. It's been an amazing experience working with the mamas and seeing them eager to learn new things. They have their own stories like any human being and they are very grateful for the project and for the work they are doing. They have ups and downs like anyone else but they take their work in this project more seriously than anyone else I know. I enjoy working with them and you. To me, my work with the project extends past my desire to make money. I want to continue to see the good work and hope to help everyone in the project find prosperity. I am forever grateful to Project Três and my work with the mamas."


One of our most cherished assets, our volunteers. This project could not exist without them. They enable us to keep operating and expanding to make a difference. Our team is made up of leading professionals in design, project and product management, business operations, copywriting, marketing, and community development. Are you someone who wants to be a part of a global dynamic team, working towards a goal, support women, and change the world? If so, please get in touch at

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Buy our products

Every purchase supports female artisans to transform their lives and communities.

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