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Project Três supports women artisans through education and skills-training in India and Kenya. We believe that providing education on fair trade and self-sustainability is the key to create new life-changing economic and social opportunities.

We have impacted the lives of 120 women

Women coming from vulnerable backgrounds have been given the opportunity to learn handcraft skills to make ethical and sustainable accessories.


80 women

in India

since 2016


40 women

in Kenya

since 2017


Our team is currently composed by 30 women

18 women located in India, 12 in Kenya

A big part of supporting our community of artisans is helping them gain financial independence.
10 of them are paid monthly, with a salary independent from product sales.

100% of artisans' children are attending school

So far, we have helped 160 kids in India and 140 in Kenya

In 2022, we have sponsored yearly school fees for 17 kids and teens in India and 3 kids in Kenya. We aim to create a positive and long-lasting impact by taking care of future generations.


At Project Três, we strive to provide better opportunities for the women involved in our project

Skills Training
Other Activities

All women have acquired two or three new skills since the beginning of our work. Besides handicraft skills, they also learned about quality control, color combinations, pricing, and sales management.

Artisan Training

864 hours - India
360 hours - Kenya

Advanced Skills

(Quality Control, Stock Management, Inventory, Shipping, MS-Office)
60 hours - India

Financial Training

50 hours - India
50 hours - Kenya

English Lessons

96 hours - India


96 hours of Yoga lessons provided in India

Garden Construction

6 gardens were constructed in India during the pandemic,
for mental health benefits

Sponsor Project Três

You can contribute with a single, monthly or yearly donation

Buy our Products

Every purchase supports female artisans to transform their lives and communities.

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